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Endless Truck Online Game

8.2601 ratings

This is not a parking game! It’s a racing game (and partly a flying monster truck simulator)! Fasten your seatbelt in this skill racer and race your Monster Truck as far as you can, collecting money, pulling off the biggest jumps, doing insane flips, avoiding gigantic bombs, and making sure you don’t run out of fuel. If you do, you go back to the garage and use the collected cash to upgrade your truck with new tyres, a bigger engine, or a bigger tank and try again. You can improve your vehicle in five areas.


Upgrade your engine to reach a higher maximum speed. Did you know that there are no brakes? You can’t lose if you can’t break, right?

Fuel Tank

Your goal is to get as far as you can. Which is a lot easier with more fuel. Obviously. Good thing it’s not an electric powered Monster Truck.

Car Body

This will not only make your car lighter but also reduce its fuel consumption. Also, you will be able to fly higher, which is a great ability for a huge automobile.


More grip equals better handling. And again: less fuel consumption. The grip is important to keep as much speed as possible when you recklessly jump of wooden ramps.

Bull Bar

In this case, it doesn’t help to ram cows out of the way because we’re not in Texas, and also there are no cows. But it helps against wooden obstacles and bombs. But still, better avoid these in the first place.

The better your truck, the farther you will be able to go. And since this endless racer features an online leaderboard you will want to be on top of that, don’t you? Find out how good you are with one of the best 3D racing games in HTML5: Endless Truck!